Cool Homemade Graduation Cake for a Respiratory Therapist

My friend saw a picture online and wanted me to make a Graduation Cake for her husband. He had just graduated from a Respiratory Therapy program. The stethoscope and grad cap are made out of fondant.

For the cap, I used a small piece of cardboard for the top and put the fondant on that and I used a small paper cup covered in fondant for the base. The stethoscope was basically just rolled out and I shaped the other pieces myself. I made two sheet cakes from scratch and cut them down a bit and carved the sides so it looked more like a book.

After I covered the cake in blue fondant, I used white strips of fondant for the pages. I then used my fondant tool to make lines on the strip so the pages would seem more real. The writing was done in buttercream.

The cake was a real hit!