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Coolest Graduation Open House Cake

We wanted the Graduation Open House Cake for our oldest daughter’s high school graduation to be different from all the others we had seen. So we decided to theme it toward where she would be attending college rather than where she went to high school.

The IU cake was a four-layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting between the layers. (Indiana University’s school colors are Crimson and Cream). We dirty-iced the cake with butter cream then covered it with rolled fondant. My daughter cut the IU logo from red fondant and we also took a mini biscuit cutter and cut out circles that we used to dot the cake. We also cut the same circles in half to make the bottom border of the cake.

It was our first time making and using fondant for cake decorating. I loved it. It was very simple and did not look too over-the-top. Can’t wait to do my younger daughter’s birthday cake!

Homemade Graduation Open House Cake

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