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Coolest Gramma’s Garden Cake

I made this Gramma’s Garden Cake for my Mother-in-law who loves to grow a garden every year with my daughters.

The back part of the cake with the trees, is devil’s food cake (a 9×13 inch cake cut in half and stacked) with an Oreo cookie filling and topped with butter cream frosting. I made the trees by dipping a large pretzel rod in melted chocolate, then sticking it in the hole of an upside down pinwheel cookie (those marshmallow cookies covered in chocolate).

I secured the pretzel using melted chocolate. Then I took another pinwheel cookie and used melted chocolate to “glue it to the bottom of the other cookie so the two cookie bottoms were together. I used a flower frosting tip and covered the cookies in butter cream frosting.

The garden part of the cake is dirt cake. I made the flowers, garden tools and butterflies with candy molds. I dipped strawberries in chocolate and stuck them in the dirt cake so only the leafy parts are sticking out to look like plants. Everyone loved it!

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