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Coolest Graveyard Birthday Cake

My friend shares her birthday with Halloween, so I decided to carry on with that theme and make her a graveyard birthday cake.

I baked (I believe) a 10″ round x 2 and sandwiched them together using jam. I then iced them using regular chocolate frosting from a can on the top and orange around the sides. I purchased some Frankenstein/monsters/pumpkins that are always around at that time of year and some Milano cookies, to use as gravestones and wrote messages on them with edible paint/pen.

I then crumbled up a few Oreo cookies to make it look like dirt, that the monsters had disturbed. I bought a little haunted house from the local dollar shop that lit up. I also put some skeleton candies around the sides of the cake. And finally dressed a purple ribbon around it.

It was very easy to do, and searched the internet for different ideas and then added things to make it more suitable for my friend.

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