Coolest Grover Cake

My one-year old loves Plaza Sesamo. We don’t speak Spanish so I let him watch that hoping he’ll pick up some. His favorite is Archibaldo (Grover – don’t ask me why they changed his name.) He gets the biggest smile whenever he is on the screen and quite often laughs at him.

So I looked all over for a pan to make his a Grover cake, couldn’t find one, considered Elmo, but his favorite is Archibaldo and that’s what I waned to do. Since Elmo’s eyes are on top, his pans were not a good fit. I considered trying to sculpt one, but didn’t feel like I had the time for that much work. Then I thought – a GINGERBREAD MAN pan! He would have a round head and an easy body to fur up.

There were several on eBay, but a lot have short little hands and feet. For a really easy way to do Grover, get the one that is carrying a candy cane (I made it just a white cane) because he has a regular body with nice long arms and legs. Perfect! Then I just used buttercream frosting colored to match the stuffed Grover/Archibaldo I bought my little boy and a special tip to simulate fur and Tadaaa! – an easy Grover cake using a character pan.

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