Cool Homemade Grover Cake

My son’s favourite toy is Grover (from Sesame Street), so for his second birthday, I made him a Grover Cake.

I simply baked a rectangular slab and iced it with vanilla icing, then based my Grover drawing on a picture I found on the Internet. I used blue, black and red tubes of cake decorating gels to create Grover, then I added two cut marshmallows for his eyes and black gel on them for his pupils and a pink ball of marzipan for his nose.

I also made the yellow sign out of marzipan and added candy letters saying ‘Happy Birthday Will’. And last of all I piped blue icing around the edges of the cake for decoration.

When I brought the cake out, my son gasped with surprise, smiling and pointing at the cake, “IT’S GROVER!”

It was a big hit with all the kids (especially Will).

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