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Coolest Guitar Birthday Cake

I used a picture to design this Guitar Birthday Cake. It was the first cake I have ever tried to make that wasn’t a regular sheet cake. I made it for my friend, Abraham’s 25th Birthday. He LOVED it!

I used 2 13×9 cakes. I free handed the outline with a small paring knife, dipped in warm water. I used marshmallows for the tuning bolts on the head. I shaped the tuning knobs from foil. I used icing for the strings. I cut small circles from the excess cake for the volume knobs. I used Wilton “Red-Red” and “Black” icing coloring and just regular Betty Crocker white frosting.

There were a total of 3 parts, put together by icing. The head stalk, the neck and the body of the guitar. I know the neck was a little crooked but it was my first one and I was proud of myself. I hope you enjoy it as much as everyone at the party. Have a good day!

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