Coolest Guitar Cake

This guitar cake was made using the Wilton guitar cake and fondant. My brother is in the Navy and resides in Hawaii. He requested a Ukulele with a Lei so that’s what he got. I also signed the side of the guitar with a toothpick and black dye with his name on it.

I used brown dye to color the fondant, rolled it and covered the cake. I used the white fondant and made the strings and other cutouts. The cutouts and strings were painted with clear vanilla mixed with edible pearlized dust. I let the cutouts harden before placing on the cake.

I used black dye mixed with vanilla and brushed the edging onto the cake with a paint brush. I made the lei and while the fondant was still soft I placed it onto the cake and let it shape itself.

When I was done I used clear vanilla and a paint brush to brush the entire cake and make it shine. The cake itself was made of a box of yellow cake mix. Several people at the party did not think the cake was a cake, nor did they want to cut it.

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