Coolest Guitar Cake for a Rockin’ 6-Year Old

I had a lot of fun making this cake and learned some useful tips. This wasn’t my first fondant cake, but it was the first one that I made my own homemade fondant. All the lessons I’ve learned are self taught by trial and error. This cake was my response to my daughter’s request for a Hannah Montana theme.

The cake itself is two layers with chocolate butter cream in between them. The guitar shape was cutout of two different size cakes: sheet cake for the body and 9×13 for the neck. I made a freehand drawing of the guitar out of wax paper. Then after the cakes were cooled the wax paper was used as a template to cut the cake. It’s very important to have the layers frosted in the middle and chilled to get the best results while cutting.

The number 1 most important tip I learned while making this cake was; there is no such thing as too much shortening on your hands or work area while making and rolling homemade fondant and definitely sift ALL of your powdered sugar.  My daughter was super excited about this cake and my family was impressed with my self taught skills. Homemade fondant is way more edible than store bought.