Coolest Halloween Fondant Cake

I decided to try to make a cake for the 1st time in my entire life. I have been watching so many cake shows I wanted to try fondant.

I made 2 round (Duncan Hines moist and delicious red velvet) cakes of different sizes. Sorry, can’t remember the exact cake sizes, but I think it was a 6 inch and 10 inch. I used pre-made cream-cheese frosting to ice the cake. I used Wilton’s store bought fondant and I dyed my fondant orange and rolled it out onto the cakes.

I dyed some more fondant black and cut out small pieces of fondant and wrote out “Halloween”, I attached the letters with water. I also made 2 small roses, put them on toothpicks and put them in front and behind the “Halloween” on the bottom layer. I also made a spider, a witches hat, and the other black shapes.

I used a piece of white fondant to make a ghost that I stuck in with a toothpick and I made the skeleton tombstone, I sketched out his face with the end of a toothpick. I attached the spider with a little water on the fondant and I attached the tombstone with a toothpick. I sprinkled some candy corns around the plate for extra decoration.

Hope you enjoy, this homemade Halloween fondant cake tasted great and it was fun and easy to use the fondant for the first time, much easier than I expected.