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Coolest Halloween Graveyard Cake

I was having a Halloween party and made this Halloween Graveyard Cake. It came out pretty cool. The head stones, skeletons, pumpkins and animals are made out of fondant (make all the fondant figures a couple of days prier to assembly). I used butter cream for the grass and crushed chocolate animal cracker cookies for the dirt.

After frosting top and sides of cake with green butter cream, us the widest, flattest part of a butter knife to make grass stand up a little, on the top of cake only (touch and pull straight up). Scoop crushed cookies up in your hand and apply to sides of cake.

For grave sites just mound up the cookies like a fresh grave. Then apply fondant figures, as much or as little as you like. Remember to prep all figures a couple days before assembly. Note: the skeleton hands/arms have tooth pick in them because I make them so small.

Hope you have as much fun as I did creating this grave yard!

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