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Coolest Halloween Jack O Lantern Cake

This Halloween Jack O Lantern Cake I made for my granddaughter’s annual Halloween party. I made two cakes in a bundt pan. I made a homemade spice cake.

After the cakes cooled I cut the top off of one so that the other would set on top and adjusted it so it looked like a pumpkin, very simple. I used frosting inbetween the two cakes to ensure they wouldn’t slip.

Next I crumb coated the entire cake with a thin layer of frosting, this makes for a smoother appearance. I let that dry/set for a few hours before continuing.

Once the crumb coat was set I filled the center whole with crumbled up wax paper. A regular ice cream cone inverted was the stem. I kept adding the wax paper until I was able to have the cone in the right position.

Then frosted the cake. I dipped the ice cream cone in melted chocolate and let it dry. Placed the stem on the cake. The face and leaves were made by rolling out jellied candies and cutting them into the shape I needed for the eyes, nose, mouth and leaves and placed them on the cake. I piped black frosting around the candies. This was my very first try at decorating a cake.

It’s pretty simple.

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