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Cool Homemade Halloween Pumpkin Cake Design

I used Betty Crocker bake and fill cake pans that come in a rounded shape. I used three cakes stacked together then using 2 tubs of frosting I mixed with food dye to make the orange color.

I put one layer of frosting on then placed in the fridge overnight for the crumb coating then the next day I added another layer of icing.

When I iced the cake the second time I iced from top to bottom to give it the lines and smoother sides. Then I rolled out red white and yellow gumdrops together with sugar in wax paper to make eyes nose & mouth. I used black food color to make the lines on them. I took sour apple straws, washed off the white sour sugar then rolled 6 straws together. I rolled the straws in wax paper to remove stickiness for the stem. I also used a few straws cut in half to make vines.

At the bottom I used ghostly dots for the ghosts and Chiclets for headstones. The cupcake frosting in a can for the grass.