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Cool Homemade 3D Halloween Spider Cake

We have a Halloween party every year and I wanted to make a new and different dessert. I saw some pictures of spider cakes and decided to try it out to surprise everyone, especially since I hate spiders of all kinds!

I started this Halloween Spider Cake with two boxes of butter yellow cake mix and made three 10 inch rounds, and put the extra batter in a small Pyrex square. I layered the rounds and shaped a dome to make the spider body. I then used the Pyrex square as well as some of the shaving from the body to shape the head. I had hoped to use a star tip to make him look hairy, but my store-bought chocolate icing was too thick and I was out of time. I ended up icing the entire cake and then just roughing it up with the tip of a knife to create the hairy texture which worked pretty well in the end.

The eyes are made from red icing and chocolate chips. The legs are pipe cleaner. The cake was a big hit!

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