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Coolest HALO Grunt Birthday Cake

Every year my children ask me to “make” their cake instead of purchasing a themed cake and every year the request’s get a little more difficult!! Usually leaving me worried that last minute I would be making a “Mad Dash” the the local bakery or specialty ice cream parlor for a quick fix after my attempt. The kids seem to be impressed much more than I am with the finished product.

This year my son Dylan wanted a HALO Grunt Birthday Cake. After searching all over the internet for something to try to model it, I finally had to experiment on my own using a 6″ figurine to model after. I used several different shapes, Pyrex small dessert bowls as well as rigging a Wilton cake rod in a large round Pyrex bowl so that the cake would bake evenly. It was overwhelming all the large, and several small cakes. I always freeze them before dirty icing them and then I make my own buttercream and pre-tint (making larger amounts) so that I do not have to attempt to match colors if I need more.

I just jumped in and this is what we ended up with??? Alien type cakes are not the prettiest cakes to get to decorate, however my son was elated!

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