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Yummy Homemade Hamburger and Fries Cake

I made this Hamburger and fries cake for my kids. I have been practicing making cakes with fondant. This was my second fondant cake. I made homemade marshmallow fondant. I baked four cakes, I used 8″ pans, and one brownie in an 8in pan. I used two cakes for the top and bottom buns. I carved the top bun to make it look more bun shaped. I dyed my fondant a light brown and placed it on the buns.

I next made all the condiments out of fondant. Onions, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and cheese. I stacked it like a burger would be stacked. And I used frosting for the ketchup and mustard. I made cake fries. I cut up pieces of cake in the shape of fries, then I placed them in the oven to give them a brown look. I made ketchup packets from fondant and placed it with the fries. I put icing ketchup on the fries. I also added little dots of white frosting on the top bun for sesame seeds.

My kids came home from school and just loved it.

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