Awesome Homemade Hamburger Birthday Cake

I had to come up with a fun cake for my tween nephews! Before coming up with the idea for a hamburger cake, I thought about so many different things such as their hobbies, movies or music they like, sports they played, etc.

When I finally decided to make them a cake that looked like food, I thought about making a pizza, a donut, a latte, and I finally ended up with a cheeseburger and fries… and they  LOVED it!

This cake was fairly simple to make.

  • I made four chocolate layer cakes, three for burger and one for the fries.
  • I used fondant, food coloring and Swiss buttercream to embellish the cake and make it authentic looking.
  • I even included an order ticket made from fondant, as well as an “olive” on top.
  • It took me about 8 hours in total to make, including baking time. 

The look on my nephew’s faces when they saw the cake was worth all the time put into making it. It made them feel rather special on their special day!  I wish I would have make a drink to go with it – then it could have been even more fun!  Maybe this year’s cake?! Who knows???!!