Cool Homemade Hamburger Birthday Cake for my Son’s 16th

After searching for cake ideas, I found this site. Once I saw the burger cakes I knew I had to make a Hamburger Birthday Cake for my son’s 16th birthday. He eats more burgers than anyone I know.

I used pictures from here to give me a general idea and went with my son’s favorite toppings. I used large Swedish fish, smooth side up and slightly bent tucked in as tomato. The cheese is orange Starburst warmed in microwave, flattened and trimmed to look like cheese. The color was perfect.

Bacon was Yogos fruit roll. Not the greatest color but worked well. The sesame seeds are actually pine nuts and really topped off the cake nicely. I have received so many compliments and requests from my son’s friends.

This cake was a huge hit. I also made the hot dog cake with pound cake and frosted Twinkies it was the perfect accent to the burger cake at the BBQ birthday party. & I had a blast putting it all together.