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Coolest Hamburger Birthday Cake

My daughter was bored with regular birthday cakes. I had the idea for a Hamburger Birthday Cake for a long time, but never tried it before. I looked online and found tips here; especially using fondant, (which I had never heard of).

The “buns” are from a white cake mix. The bottom bun was baked in a regular round cake pan with the rounded part sliced off and placed cut side down. The top bun was baked in a round Pyrex glass bowl, (the rounded baked up part was sliced off and placed cut side down). The hamburger patty is brownies baked in a round cake pan.

I spread “mayo” on the bottom bun (white buttercream frosting), and tinted some red, for “ketchup”, and yellow for “mustard”. I placed the brownie as the “meat” on top of that. The toppings are made from homemade marshmallow rolled fondant, (a play dough like frosting made out of melted marshmallows mixed with powdered sugar, (easy to make- though messy.)

I colored the fondant with food coloring. I couldn’t add too much liquid food coloring or the fondant would get sticky, so I “painted” food coloring directly along the edges for the pickle and tomato, and I actually like that better then if I had actually mixed darker colors.

The “cheese”, “onion” and “lettuce” were rolled and cut out of the fondant. (Hindsight, I would have gathered the “lettuce” a bit to make it more realistic, but I was running out of time.) The “bacon” is actually strawberry and yogurt flavored striped fruit roll up strips. I used chopped almonds for the “sesame seeds”, (though if I had time I would have formed those out of the fondant too). The “olive” was fondant held in place with a wooden skewer as a tooth pick.

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