Cool Homemade Hamburger Birthday Cake for Canada Day

This cake was awesome! I had done cupcakes with Nilla cookies as the buns and butter cream for the toppings, but I wanted to try a whole cake, and came up with this.

The entire cake is 8 inches, but two layers are yellow cake (the buns) and the middle two are brownie layers. I tinted butter cream in three different co lours, red, yellow and green. The awesome thing about this cake was that I didn’t need to ice the outside… I just needed icing in between to make the layers stick.

I placed fondant “cheese” in between the brownie layers and drizzled the different colored icing between the top bun and the top “patty”. Those are real sesame seeds on top (you didn’t even taste them), and since we were celebrating Canada Day, I made this burger festive!