Cool Hamburger Cake

I made this hamburger cake with the much help of my “cake decorating” mentor for a friend’s birthday. The theme of this (surprise) birthday party was fancy picnic, and we were going to serve make-to-order hamburgers, all decked out in special packaging. So I thought a “hamburger” cake would suit this event very well.

The bottom and top buns were yellow cakes, while the meat was brownie. All three cakes were baked in 8″ round pans. I carefully pressed down the first yellow cake after it had time to cool off from the oven. This was to flatten the cake, which always has that small “doming” tendency. With the brownie, I carefully picked the outer edge to give it that “meaty” look. And finally, the top bun, I was grateful for that “natural doming” effect the cake had.

The buns were iced with homemade butter cream icing while I let the brownie “naked.” We used rolled fondant for the lettuce, cheese slices and tomatoes. Also the fries were made of fondant.

Everyone at the party was very impressed, and my friend was delightedly surprised. Everything turned out just perfect!

11 thoughts on “Cool Hamburger Cake”

  1. Look’s Great! I made a hamburger cake for my brother a couple months ago. I tried to do fries like you’ve done but I couldn’t figure out how to get them wavy like that. So I ended up doing straight fries. Could you tell me how you did your fries. I search online for days trying to find out how, but nothing! Thanks and keep up the great work.

  2. What were your seeds on the top roll? I hope to make this next week…if it looks half as good as yours, I’ll be happy. Love the idea of the brownie burger…thanks!

  3. This looks great! I want to try it for my son’s 7th birhtday. It doesn’t look like there is icing on it anywhere?? Other than the fondant. Is the butter cream on the inside on the bun?


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