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Coolest Hamburger Cake Design

Here it is! An awesome 9in. Hamburger Cake Design. Think you could handle it?

This is what happens when the self taught cake decorator asks her friend “What should I bring to the church picnic?”

I started with 2 8in cakes (pans should be greased and floured for easy cake removal). Have icing colors mixed in 5 colors, red-ketchup, yellow-mustard, white-for mayo, light brown for bun, then add more brown to left over icing to make dark brown for meat patties.

For the sesame seeds, lettuce, tomato and cheese I used fondant cut out to proper shape (leave a little over hang on back of veggie for tucking into cake layers). This shows more detail.

Begin by leveling one layer of cake and leaving the other domed. This one will be the top bun.

Put extra icing between both layers and stack.

Ice the entire outside of the cake with the light brown icing.

Ice two meat patties all the way around the cake. Make it thick and somewhat bumpy. Next add the fondant veggies. You want the fondant to be somewhat dried but too much that you can’t still mold it a little. Place these pieces between layers.

Now with red, yellow and white in pipe bags with #3 tip, add ketchup, mustard and mayo to fill gaps. Last add fondant sesame seeds to top. For extra detail I rolled green fondant to look like a pickle.


Be creative. Add onions. Fries on the side. Possibilities are endless. Have them talking at your next cookout.

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