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Cool Homemade Hamburger Cake Design

I made this Hamburger Cake Design for my brother for his 20th birthday. He said he wanted a really big hamburger, unfortunately for him I didn’t take him literally and made a cake instead. He loved it. This was my very first attempt at decorating any cake!

I made two 20cm round cakes. One vanilla cake cut in half with the top half carved in a dome shape for the bun. The ‘meat patty’ was a chocolate cake with the top cut off covered in chocolate frosting then covered in crushed Oreo cookie crumbs. Lettuce, tomato, cheese and onion are made of rolled out marshmallow fondant (so easy and fun to make! – It’s just icing sugar added to melted down marshmallows and mixed together to form the fondant ‘dough’), vanilla frosting for ‘mayo’ and to ice top bun I made a brown colour out of red, yellow and black food colouring (unfortunately I think I went a bit too far in the deepness of the brown. I used toasted pine nuts for the sesame seeds which gave the cake a really nice texture.


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