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Coolest Hamster Cake

I made this Hamster Cake for my son’s 5th birthday party. He got a hamster like Roly Poly in the Kipper show on PBS Sprout. I used a loaf pan, two small heart shaped springform pans and one half of a ball pan. I used one half for the head and then cut the other in half to make the back legs. I used the half ball cake, the dome, to create a higher back. I carved it a bit to give it a shape. I crumb-coated with white icing and then used the grass tip to crate fur in white and orange-brown that I mixed up.

I colored fondant to make the feet, tail and ears. To shape the feet, I used a holly leaf cookie cutter. The eyes are just black M&M’s. The cake took about an hour to ice.

5 thoughts on “Coolest Hamster Cake”

  1. this is the most stunning cake I have ever seen!
    I love hamsters, and will definitely bake a cake like this for my own birthday!

  2. My daughter wants a hamster cake so bad, and I can’t find one. Your cake is perfect…… I can’t bake though. Any chance u live in Lancaster, Pa??? I’d pay u to make that cake for me. Her bday is 8/17. That cake is so awesome!!!!

  3. m always looking at this site for cool cake ideas. I’ve had lots of success but this is the first time I have ever commented on one… This cake is THE COOLEST MOST AWESOME CAKE!!! i WILL BE MAKING IT FOR ONE OF MY GRANDSONS NEXT WEEK. tHANKS

  4. This might sound a little silly, I am a 30 yr old man and I am going to be TRYING to make this for my wife. She love’s hamsters and I am getting her one for her birthday. It does look amazing.

  5. I LOVE this cake – have been decorating it (in my sleep) for a month now! My granddaughter is getting a Teddy Bear hamster for her birthday and has requested I bake her a hamster cake. I have all the pans you mentioned but I have a question. I plan to use the loaf pan for the body (then trim it) I planned to use half of the ball cake for the head, taking the crown of the second half and mounding it on the back for a higher elevation. Then I’m taking the two 4″ heart shaped pans and cutting each cake in half – front feet and back feet. I’ll do the crumb frosting then use the ‘grass’ tip to make the fur. My question is I didn’t understand what you did with the heart shaped cakes and didn’t understand the “half of the ball cake” Any information will be much appreciated. Thanks


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