I truly enjoy creating cakes. One of my students’ dad ordered this surprise birthday cake for his wife to be delivered on our karate Halloween party. He said to incorporate a tiger because that’s her costume and make a cake that they’ve never had.

I baked an orange chiffon cake with cream cheese frosting. This cake is so moist and good enough without a frosting. I ate my cut outs for breakfast with hot tea.. Yumm.

I used 3-12″ round cakes. I used one layer to create the tiger’s nose, ears, and mouth. It took me about 30 minutes of making sure that it’s proportion. The nose is also 2 layers and carve the whole thing down to the noise. I then covered the whole cake with white fondant.

My daughter said it looked like a bear :-) lol

I carved the nose, mouth and eyes then started painting most of the face yellow. Then I outlined all three with black food coloring. I layered the yellow on some parts to get those darker hues. I painted brown and the edges of the face, ears, cheeks, and mouth and some “fur”. I also added little bit of reds on the beard and cheeks. I just kept on layering colors until I was happy with it.  Painted the eyes blue and I used bag ties for the whiskers. :-)

When I delivered the cake, everybody was amazed (love those faces) she told me what a coincidence that I made a tiger cake and she’s dressed like one. An hour later, we announced her birthday and sang to her. She was quite surprised and her husband was happy. Everybody enjoyed the cake.