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Coolest Handy Manny Tool Box Cake

This Handy Manny Tool Box Cake was done for my son’s 2nd birthday. He LOVES Handy Manny, so I was feeling brave and gave it a shot. The cake was strawberry-yogurt cake, frosted first with a thin layer of buttercream and then topped with marshmallow fondant. All of the characters were made completely of marshmallow fondant, which shaped up really nicely (the tall standing characters were formed around wooden bbq skewers, to stand in the cake once finished). I later learned that marshmallow fondant shouldn’t be kept in the refrigerator, which is why the cake looks so shiny and some of the black coloring I had painted on, started running (marshmallow fondant seems to “sweat” in the fridge.)

The handle of the tool box was made of rice krispie treats that I covered in fondant as well. My son loved it, and the kids all fought over who got to eat which character (though none could finish them since they were pure icing!)

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