Cool Homemade Hannah Montana Cake

My 11 year old daughter is a big Hannah fan. I searched many sites and the cakes I saw were very big. I wanted a small Hannah Montana Cake to take to school to cut, since I would be making cupcakes for her class mates. Then while shopping I came across these cool 3D stickers. That gave me the idea for this cake.

I baked a 1/4 sheet cake cut it in the shape of the Hannah 5 point star. I used one of the pictures as a guide. Then I decorated the star in Hannah colours. The cake was mounted on a star shaped glass container I had to give the impression of a stage. I used a triangle piece to put in front of the stage. After icing I put a 3D guitar sticker and candle on it.

The board was covered with lots of stickers. I later came to know that I could have used a Hannah Montanna Logo candle. My daughter couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw it!


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