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Awesome Homemade Hannah Montana Guitar Cake

I made this Hannah Montana Guitar cake for my niece’s fifth birthday party. She is crazy about Hannah Montana, so I wanted to attempt a Hannah Montana guitar cake.

The cake itself is a standard yellow cake with pineapple filling. After filling and icing the cake, I sculpted it with a serrated knife. I made a template from poster board and simply laid it on top of the cake and cut around it.

It is covered with fondant that I tinted a lavender color. I used a store bought Wilton fondant that I find easy to work with. My neighborhood grocery store has a bakery and they will print a picture (as long as it doesn’t have a copyright)onto edible icing. I had them do a pic of Hannah Montana and it came out great. It can be a bit tricky to peel off, but if you’re careful you should be okay.

For the sides of the cake, I added all of my niece’s favorite Hannah Montana songs. The hard work paid off in a big way when I saw her smile.

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