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Fun Homemade Hannah Montana Guitar Cake

I made this Hannah Montana Guitar Cake for my niece’s birthday, she is the biggest Hannah Montana fan (or was at the time). It is two single layer sheet cakes, one cake for the base part of the guitar and one for the neck. Everything except the strings are edible, I wanted edible strings but I searched 15+ stores looking for black or red lace licorice and couldn’t find any at all.

I looked up a few different cakes online to get ideas for proportion, but in the end I just traced a guitar face from a calendar I had and then cut that out and layed it on the cake, and then carved the caked. Instead of frosting I used Marshmallow Fondant, which is super easy to work with.

To carry the cake I just lined a piece of thick cardboard with Hanna Montana wrapping paper (leftover from wrapping the gifts) and then I covered that with contact paper so it wouldn’t rip or get soggy. I put the “Happy Birthday” in icing on the paper rather than the cake. All the kids and grown ups loved it.


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