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Coolest Happy Clown Face Cake

I needed a large cake for my granddaughter’s first birthday and since she was having a clown perform at the party I came up with this happy clown face cake.

I used a 14” round for the face; an 11”x15” oblong for the bow tie and hat. I habitually use a yellow cake mix for all my cakes…(I think I need to experiment with other flavors but I like to use what has worked for me in the past).

I made my own pattern to cut out the bow tie and hat. There is buttercream frosting on the tie and I immediately placed small bubblegum balls into the icing. They did stay on the bow tie! The face is covered with white fondant. In order to make sure the clown face was “happy” and not scary I drew a few patterns first and then cut them out of the colored fondant. The nose is a ball of red fondant.

The hat is covered in red fondant and large gumballs are set into buttercream frosting to cover the seam between the hat and head. Wilton cutters were used to letter the hat. The ball on the top of the hat is simply a round cutout of cake covered in blue fondant.

The hair is simply colored buttercream frosting –large Wilton tip. This cake was fun to make and much easier than many of the others I’ve made.

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