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Coolest Happy Feet Birthday Cake

My son loves Happy Feet, so for his 2nd birthday we decided to make him a Happy Feet birthday cake. We used two round cake pans. We used a larger one for the body and a smaller for the head. I am not sure of the size, but you can use whatever size you need depending on the amount of people you will be serving.

We cut slits in the sides of the larger round cake to lift away from the sides to form the wings. We cut the smaller round cake straight across the bottom so it would rest on the larger cake (body). We used the excess cake from the head, to cut and form the feet.

We iced the whole cake with store bought white frosting. And then we used crushed up Oreos (done in the food processor) for the black part of the penguin. We used 2 blue pastel MM’s for the eyes and put a dab of dark icing gel for the pupil. We used one candy orange slice, cut and shaped to make the beak. We used the little candy letter and number decorations to write on the cake rather than writing with frosting or gel.

Instead of making the whole party a Happy Feet theme, we made it a zoo theme for cost purposes. We used Zoo Pal plates (found at Wal-Mart) and Zoo Pal cups and bowls.

We got little animal stickers from the dollar store and cut out colored squares with construction paper. We stuck a sticker on each square. We made up small brown paper bags with each child’s name on it and the bags said, ex. ‘John’s Safari Sack’. Each child got a ‘safari sack’ and we hid the squares in the yard and the kids hunted for them and put them in their sack. There was one square that had a penguin sticker and that was the ‘winning’ square. The child that found that square won a prize. But they didn’t know it until the game was over.

It was a fun day and although we had a few games planned, that is the only one there was time to play. At that age, kids just like running around outdoors. They don’t need much to be happy! Our son loved his cake and he is almost 3 now and still talks about his big ‘Happy Feet Cake’!

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