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Cool Homemade Happy Feet Scene Birthday Cake

I made a Happy Feet cake for my son’s 5th birthday, it was fun and actually fairly easy cake to make. I made vanilla cakes using multiple size pans and also a cupcake for the top and used dowels to support the cake. I used vanilla icing and Frostin Pride fluffy whipped frosting to ice the cake like a big snow glacier.

I used clear sprinkles to give the snow a little sparkle which looked really cute in person. I used blue vanilla frosting as the base for the water then colored gel for the top of the water. I just bought the bucket of penguins and Happy Feet characters to place all around like in the Antarctica (lots of penguins!). I just used the candle letters to spell out Happy Birthday Jonah and a big number 5 candle to top it off!

It was a fun cake and a fun party! My little boy loved it and his smile makes every minute of making every cake worth all the work!

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