Coolest Harvest Tractor Cake

My son loves tractors so we had a tractor birthday party for him for his 2nd birthday. I found inspiration from this site for my Harvest Tractor Cake. Its not the neatest cake, but my son LOVED it, and it was very tasty. He loved watching me make it too.

I used 2 loaf pans. One uncut was the bottom of the tractor. The other I cut in half and used 1 piece for the cab of the tractor and one piece for the wagon. I think I actually cut it not quite in half, so the cab piece was bigger. I used 2 small round cake pans for the rear wheels and 2 cupcakes sliced in half for the front wheels and wagon wheels. Three mini loaves make up the hay bales and cupcakes, obviously, are in the bushel baskets.

I think I used part of a cupcake as the hitch between the tractor and wagon. The cake is made from the Hershey’s cocoa package recipe. The frosting is from the powdered sugar box recipe. I usually use a much lighter frosting with this cake which is why I ran into a little bit a trouble. The cut parts of cake ended up getting crumbs all mixed into the frosting because it was so thick. Next time I would adjust the frosting better. We just said it was a dirty tractor.

The bushel baskets were mini Easter baskets I got at a dollar store and removed the handles. I used the wide frosting tip to make apples and pumpkins in them. This cake was a big hit, and I thank this site for providing inspiration and good ideas!