Coolest Haunted Castle Cake

This haunted castle cake was such an easy project. I did cheat a little by using prebaked pieces. Take the time to MAKE YOUR OWN royal icing. You will be able to avoid issues like prolonged drying time, not hardening sufficiently to hold candies, etc. A recipe of orange, and one of black should be all that you will need.

I used gumdrops to make the “stained glass” windows. Just mash them between your fingers until they are the thickness you want. I keep a bowl of sugar close to me when I am working with gumdrops to keep them from getting too sticky. I just dip them in the sugar from time to time, and that works great. Cut the sizes you need for the individual panes of glass, and just position them directly on the cookie. I held these on with dots of icing, and then I outlined the windows with icing to help hold the windows in place.

The bottom quarter of each wall was coated with orange royal icing, and this is what holds the sliced almonds in place. I used an icing border to break the line where the chocolate cookie ended, and the almond stonework began. The doors were made from Starburst Candies. I used a rolling pin to flatten them, and then I cut them in the shape I needed as a door. Royal icing was used to hold the door to the cookie wall. My advice is to let the walls with the windows and doors lie flat for several hours before you try to assemble them, then they are easy to hold together with your homemade royal icing.

Allow at least an hour of drying time before you start attaching candy pieces. I used candy corn, ghost and skeleton lollipops for decorations. There are so many to choose from, I had a hard time deciding what to use. I used some of the kit candy, but it is a lot of fun deciding what will work, and how to get things to give you the look you want. I scattered assorted colors of gumdrops around the castle, and used skeletons, bats, bugs and spiders from the local dollar store as accent pieces.

The towers are just sugar ice cream cones, with candy corn and gumdrops on them. Be sure to support them with some type of cardboard so that they won’t fall. Since this castle was being used as part of a center piece for a party table, I filled it with the purchased spider webbing, and an arrangement of fall flowers.

Takes no time at all to decorate, just be sure to allow for drying time!

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