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Cool Homemade Haunted House Halloween Cake

My brother-in-law’s birthday is at the end of October so I took this opportunity to make a fun Halloween birthday cake. I made a Haunted House Halloween Cake.

I used a pre-cooked Wilton gingerbread house kit that I put together with icing and decorated and placed on a 9×13 cake. I dipped pretzels in melted chocolate and used the melted chocolate to “glue” the fence together.

I used a candy mold and melted chocolate to make the chocolate ghosts in the graveyard. Then I used Milano cookies and gel frosting for the tombstones. I found some chocolate rocks and used those as the walk way then used candy corn pumpkins for the pumpkin patch.

It was hit!

1 thought on “Cool Homemade Haunted House Halloween Cake”

  1. this looks great, nice use of color. The pretzel fence is fantastic, and the ghosts in the graveyard are the perfect touch. Great job!!


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