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Coolest Hawaiian Luau Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a cake for a friend’s 40th birthday and was told she liked Hawaii and the color purple. I started by googleing anything to do with Hawaiian cakes and came up with my version of a Hawaiian Luau Birthday Cake.

The bottom layer is two 12 inch stacked cakes with filling in between and the top is two 8 inch cakes stacked with filling. I first covered both cakes with a crumb coat and then put the 8 inch on top of the 12 inch with a piece of cardboard covered with foil under the 8 inch. After that i frosted the top of both the 8 inch and what was left showing on top of the 12. I then used Pepperidge Farm Pirouette and a little frosting to stick them to the sides to look like logs.

I then used crushed graham crackers for the sand. I used blue frosting for the sides. Earlier I had made the fish out of saltwater taffy (recommend wearing plastic gloves to handle it better) and the person, sandals, towel, coconuts and the top of the palm trees out of modeling chocolate and brushed with colored sugar. The rocks on the sides are choco rocks out of the bins at Winco. I just picked out the colors I wanted. The little bits of grass is colored coconut and flowers are just purple frosting. Everyone loved it!

Modeling chocolate – 8oz melted chocolate chips then add 1/4 cup light corn syrup and stir until stiffens. Works best if you kneed it and let set for 24 hours before working with it. Tastes better than fondant in my opinion and you can use any chocolate.

After cutting out the palm trees leaves I draped them over a small bowl to let set. Then attached them to the trunk using frosting and adding the coconuts helped too. Also if you mold anything using the modeling chocolate its best to let them dry for at least a day or two. It still taste fine to eat and holds a lot better.




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