My son asked for a Heatran Pokemon Cake for his 7th birthday. We baked a 9×13 inch cake. Once the cake cooled, I cut it in half so I had two 6.5×9 inch cakes. I leveled both halves, and stacked them with a layer of buttercream inbetween.

Once the cakes were stacked a carved the shape of his body and iced it with buttercream as well. For the legs I used 3 1/2″ pieces of dowel, with an angled plumbing fitting on the end. I wrapped them in saran wrap and used rice crispie cake to get the shape I wanted. Once they were set, I iced them in buttercream as well. I used more rice crispies on the cake platform as well, to hold up the body.

I iced the hill his body was on with green rolled fondant. Then I iced the body, followed by the legs. I then assembled everything and added the last finishing touches. All the kids at the party loved the cake, and all their parents were really impressed as well.