Coolest Helicopter Cake

I got my idea for this Helicopter Cake from this web site. I used 2 cake mixes for this helicopter cake, 1 sheet cake pan and 2 loaf pans (only fill one normal and the other half way, don’t need it that thick). I got my son’s toy helicopter and put it on the counter and went to designing.

The sheet cake I cut it into 3 piece, first I cut it in half long ways (make sure that it is wider then your loaf pans. Now I have 2 pieces only cut one in half (round the end for the nose). Now you should have 3 pieces. Take the long piece of the sheet cake and short smaller piece (rounded in front) together in a line. I put icing between to hold it together.

Now the fun par, the loaf cake. Take the thinnest one and place it in the middle. Take the thicker loaf cake and cut where you have 3/4 and 1/4. Take the 1/4 and round one end for the front. I place it back from the edge a little. Place the 3/4 piece on the top back (you may have to trim the length a little). I used the 3rd piece from the sheet cake and cut it down to fit on the 3rd layer on the back. I used some cake crumbs (I used a chocolate cake) and laid them at the bottom with some army men. I put icing between all the pieces so the would stay in place. I was going to camouflage the cake, using brown whip icing and added whip cream to little the color and use dark chocolate to put spots on it, but I bought the wrong kind; desert camouflage one color still worked. Then I put my son’s blades on it.

This was my 13 year old step-son’s cake but his 2 year old cousin wanted to play with it instead of eating it. This was a cake was a big hit with the kids.

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