My husband just retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years of service. I wanted to make him a special cake and since he has worked with the CH53-E’s his whole career I thought that would be appropriate to make a helicopter cake. This was my first attempt at a sculptured cake. I’ve had no formal cake decorating experience.

I had several pictures to look at and also watched them fly overhead the last couple of weeks to make sure I got the proportions right. The top rotor blades measured 30″ across and the helicopter without the refueling nozzle was 30″ long. He wanted the helicopter to appear as if it was landing in a grassy field; which is also a sheet cake.

It took 10 standard cake recipes (dark chocolate and your basic yellow cake), 3 dozen eggs and weighed over 25 lbs. I baked the cakes necessary to create this Monday evening and Tuesday morning. Finished decorating by Tuesday evening. I had to be sure to allow myself 24 hours before the retirement ceremony to call the local grocery store for an alternate basic cake if this one didn’t work out.

All markings, engines, tanks, bombs and even squadron numbers were correct. My husband and his fellow Marines just loved it. Though I think they felt a little like cannibals eating their USMC workhorse.