Coolest Hello Kitty 1st Birthday Cake

I made a homemade Hello Kitty 1st birthday cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I looked everywhere for a Hello Kitty shaped cake-pan, but could only find a 5 inch pan on eBay. I ordered it from Hong Kong anyway and was going to just use it as her individual cake, but it never showed up for over a month, way after the party. So here is what I did.

I baked 2 rectangular (Duncan Hines moist yellow cake), frosted and stacked them, then carved Hello Kitty’s head shape out of them. I had a little trouble because the ears kept falling off, so maybe you can use a stiffer batter or freeze the cake before carving it. Then, I rolled out white fondant and covered the cake.

I dyed a small amount of fondant yellow for the nose, black for the eyes and whiskers, and pink for the bow. I rolled out the fondant and cut the shapes I wanted out with an exacto knife. I rolled a ball and flattened it for the nose and the center of the bow.

I stuck the fondant facial pieces to the cake just using a little water and it stuck really well. I have to mention this is only the second cake I have ever made in my life and both cakes I used fondant on, it was much easier to use fondant than I imagined. I also made my daughter a small #1 cake for her individual cake.