Coolest Hello Kitty 3rd Birthday Cake

We wanted to make something special for my niece Jovana for her 3rd birthday. We had a lot of practice with the cakes for my nephew Nikola.

Jovana’s favourite cartoon character is Hello Kitty so first we downloaded from the internet one sweet picture of Kitty sitting and printed it out on A3 paper. My mother again made a classic fruit cake with bananas – pastry made of egg whites and sugar with yellow cream in the shape of rectangle. First we cut the pastry in accordance with the picture. With toothpicks we made little holes on the cake which would be guidelines for eyes, nose, mouth as well as her dress and shirt.

For the face we didn’t have to color the whipped cream but we put some red for the shirt and more for the dress. Nouse is made of yellow gummy candy. Eyes are peanut M&M’s. Bow we made by coloring vanilla Turkish delight. Biscuit legs we put on top and coloured with the rest of the white cream.

In short – it all came down to our artistic skills and a LOT of patience!

In the end it was a very happy 3rd birthday for Jovana!