I used a boxed yellow cake mix for batter for the Hello Kitty Birthday Cake, and did a ‘CakeDoctor’ on it. I printed out a picture of Hello Kitty on the web, blew it up to fit my mold and cut it out. I put that pattern on top of my baked cake and trimmed off all the excess to get the cat face shape.

It was pretty easy actually, didn’t have to worry much about being exact because I would cover it up with frosting. I made my own buttercream frosting. Used black licorice for the whiskers and eyes, just cut and shape to right size (eyes needed a little trimming to make them a little rounded on the ends).

The white and pink candies are Good n’Plenty’s, and the yellows are M&M’s. The base of the cake is a sheet cake I bought at Costco, I just asked them to frost it white only. This was inexpensive, saved a lot of time, super tasty, and I got the big cardboard to carry my cake on which made it a lot easier.