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Coolest Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

I was asked to make this Homemade Hello Kitty Birthday Cake for a little girl who was turning 6.

The cake is Madeira which I baked in a rectangular tin, then carved to the right shape using a template pinned to the cake with tooth-picks (I enlarged a Hello Kitty drawing onto baking paper, then cut it out). It is filled with “crema pasticcera” – a vanilla custard style filling used a lot here in Italy.

I first iced the cake with a thin layer of butter icing. Then I placed the template on the cake again, and pricked out the outline of the eyes, mouth and bow with a tooth-pick through the paper into the cake. I then used a star tip to pipe the butter icing over the cake, from the bottom up , always working in full circles. I first did the eyes, mouth and bow with coloured butter icing, then moved on to the white to finish. The whiskers are liquorish. I used pink fondant icing painted with glitter icing( found in tubes at the local supermarket), to make the name and number 6 which I stuck around the front edge.

This was really one of the easiest cakes I’ve ever made, and I think she looks great! Thanks to all the other beautiful hello kitty cakes on this site for your inspiration!

Homemade Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

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