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Coolest Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

This Hello Kitty birthday cake is one of my favorite cakes I’ve ever done. I love Hello Kitty and I love the colors. This was done for my niece’s 6th birthday, she loves Hello Kitty as well as I so she went nuts for this, as did the parents! It was a total hit at the party and very easy to re-create. When I do a drawing on a cake I have a good, clear picture of what I’m drawing, a few toothpicks or skewers, a vision of what I want it to look like in mind along with what is asked of me from the customer.

Use the toothpick or skewer to “draw” into the icing, if you mess up just “erase” it and start over. Very simple. Then when you are satisfied with your drawing fill in and outline or whatever else the cake will need. Good luck and enjoy !

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