Coolest Hello Kitty Cake

My friend loves Hello Kitty. So for her birthday I decided to make her a big Hello Kitty cake. I made a three tier, six layer cake. She is just like a big kid in some ways and so I wanted this to be the biggest cake she ever had!

She loves pink so I used pink frosting to decorate the cake. I also made pink flowers out of fondant by kneading pink into the store bought fondant from our local craft store. I then used cookie cutters to cut out the fondant flowers. I placed them in a bowl to create a 3D look.

After a day they were dried and I was able to attach them to the cake with frosting. Note…..When adding the fondant flowers to the side of the cake, put back in fridge as soon as you can so the frosting has time to set in order for the flowers not to fall off the cake.

For the top of the cake I rolled out white fondant and the cut out a shape to resemble Hello Kitty( I looked on line under clip art to get a better idea of how to draw the Hello Kitty) After the fondant Kitty was dry, I added the pink icing to the Kitty shirt. I also used the eatable food coloring pens you find at your local craft store to draw in the eyes and whiskers.

16 thoughts on “Coolest Hello Kitty Cake”

  1. My hello Kitty Bday cake was the best and the most beautiful cake I have ever had more beautiful than my wedding cake:) it was a princes cake ~ Very Pink and Very Hello Kitty
    Love love love loved my birthday cake I dont think that Cake can ever be topped thank you
    Sister for My Birthday Cake !

  2. I love this one a whole bunch. I may use your hellokitty idea for my birthday dinner. I’m a big kid at heart too & my birthday is on the 17th of this month. Thanks for the picture of your edible art.

  3. Dana,

    Once again you out did yourself. I am so proud of you. The Hello Kitty Cake was beautiful. I love you honey.

    Makilia’s grandma

  4. Dana has a true talent that is inspirational. I love to watch her work on her cakes. She puts her heart into each one of them. All original and beautiful. Dana made my birthday cake too and it was fabulous.

  5. The Hello Kitty Cake is amazing!! I’m so proud of you and your artistic talents. Every cake I’ve seen delights the recipient and warms the heart. I’ll never forget that you were chosen to display your wonderful art as an 8th grader at the Bank of America building in Mesa. Thanks for sharing your talent and love with all of us! Love You!!

  6. i love the cake. my daughter will be 15 years old in a couple of months and she loves hello kitty, so i need to find the perfect cake.

  7. Thanks for sharing this cake with the rest of us … it’s just awesome!! I offered to make a bday cake for my girlfriends daughter (she’s turning 9), and the only thing she asked for was a Hello Kitty theme. After looking thru 4 pages of Hello Kitty cakes (which were nearly all the same), I came across yours and it jumped out at me as truly amazing, unique, big (3 tiered), and very girlie! I love it – and so I’m going to use your ideas to create an amazing cake for Chelsea – but also put my spin on it to make it just for her. Thank you so much!! I’m so glad I searched for Hello Kitty cakes … and found your version. Happy baking everyone!


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