My friend is very fun and creative and for her birthday requested: a cake/cupcake combination, with hello kitty, with turntables, and with sneakers incorporated all into one. Chocolate cake with raspberry icing was preferred.

So I used cake mix to lessen my labor, and made the buttercream from scratch. I made vanilla and raspberry buttercream (very easy and simple recipe).

I baked a round chocolate cake, ~10 in. diameter, and about 1/2 of the batter was poured in. I iced it with a vanilla layer to create an inner circle, like a record would look like. With store bought black tube of icing (the small tube), I free-handed and outlined Hello Kitty.

Most of Hello Kitty was filled in with different color icings, but I used red sprinkles to fill in her bow. I thought it would be fun to tie in the DJ theme by making headphones on her, and I made a fun loop for the cord of her headphones. I used some of the black icing to make music notes. I had a LOT of green icing, so I iced “happy birthday” with it (the green icing was made with food coloring).

I wish I could have iced the cupcakes differently, but at least I iced them!

My dad constructed the turntable, which does spin by the way. We didn’t have enough time to do the needle as planned; it was supposed to be an operable needle that swung over to the round cake.

This was my first time making buttercream! The recipe was tasty and very easy to do. It was so fun free handing the Hello Kitty cake! I loved that part the most. I used two boxes of cake mix for this project. This project took me about 3 hours to do, 1 hour for baking and icing preparation, and two hours for decorating.