The Hello Kitty cake that I made was for my niece. She was only 2, so I had no idea what she was into, so I decided to make her a cake that looked like something all girls like. Me being a male, I had a really hard time with Hello Kitty.

I used a 13×9 inch pan and I free handed an oval and two ears. The flavor was chocolate with diced cherries and coconut, a flavor that you would never expect just by looking at it. I used about three layers of frosting. After each layer, I put the cake in the fridge and added the next layer. This way, it would be easier to make the cake smoother. The reason I did not go for fondant is because I forgot to buy the ingredients and the supermarket was closed.

The bow is made out of a strawberry yogo. I made two loops, two tails, and a middle piece and used a toothpick to hold it in place.

What made this cake really stand out was the black icing to line the cake. Without the black lining, the cake looks incomplete.

The good thing about this cake was that it was popular with all of the female children. The bad part of this cake, all of the girls at the party asked their parents to buy them one for their birthdays, but this cake can’t be bought in a store.