For my daughter Shealie’s 4th Birthday I made her a Hello Kitty cake. The cake was inspired by pictures and tips I discovered on this website.

First, I scanned a copy of the Hello Kitty party invitation. Then I enlarged the image to the appropriate size and traced onto waxed paper. Next, I made a sheet cake with a strawberry cake mix and a batch of Winston butter cream icing. I quickly realized that I had a problem with the frosting. I didn’t have enough and the color of the butter cream icing was not a pure white like I wanted. So, I used the butter cream frosting for a crumb coat and then due to lack of time, I purchased white and strawberry pre-made frosting from the store to finish the decorating.

To achieve the bright colors of the original invitation, I was able to find “neon” food coloring gel that I mixed with the white frosting. Jelly beans, black for the eyes and yellow for the nose, were used to add dimension. I originally planned to use black licorice rope for the whiskers, however I couldn’t find any at the stores, so instead used a black gel pen.

Sparkles were added to conceal any unevenness in the frosting as well as give it an extra special touch. Hello Kitty candles were added to complete the look. The cake took quite a bit of time and there were moments I was sure it was going to turn out horrible, however in the end it all came together and I was happy and proud of the final product.

My daughter loved it and our family and friends couldn’t believe that I had made it. I wasn’t sure if I should take that as a compliment (the cake looked so good they thought a professional had done it) or a cut down (my baking skills are so poor they didn’t think I had it in me). At any rate it was definitely a learning experience and I plan to practice my skills again for my son’s next birthday.