Coolest Hello Kitty Cake

My daughter was having a farm party for her 5th birthday and wanted a Hello Kitty cake. I found a country and western Hello Kitty picture which I downloaded. I drew it larger freehand so that would fit on a large slab cake. I made a Madeira sponge for this.

I used my template and cut out the cake. Then I cut my template into pieces (the hat, the vest etc). I iced it all over in butter cream and used licorice cut into strips and did the outline of the picture by placing the templates gently on the icing and putting the licorice strips down. Where it is coloured, I thinned the plain icing out and replaced it with the colours.

I used shades of pink and a dark purple for the boots and hat. (I find a paste is better to colour the buttercream as you get a more vibrant colour). I used a yellow jelly bean for the nose and a black one for each eye. I tied a ribbon in a bow and placed it under her hat near her ear.

I used licorice strips for the whiskers.

I then used different shaped lollies for the decorations on the skirt, kerchief and vest.

I covered the cake board in some pink paper and clear contact so the icing wouldn’t stain the paper.

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