My Hello Kitty Cake was made out of 9 x 13 cake, white and black icing, jelly beans, pipe cleaners, and pink ribbon.

I trimmed the corners to get the right shape, and used the corner pieces as the ears. I used star tip to decorate the entire cake. Using a ready to use tube of black frosting, I completed the border around the base and top first, then filled in with the white frosting. I cut the black pipe cleaners to size(which were cute because they are fuzzy and held their shape well) and 2 black jelly beans for eyes, and 1 yellow for the nose. Finally, I added wired, pink ribbon.

I did freeze the cake after I cut it into the Hello Kitty shape, and it was a lot easier to decorate. Total time decorating was less than an hour. Simple and very cute for my daughter’s b-day.